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1988 Corvette Rear Wheel Bearing replacement –

I got the information from several posts on the the Corvette Forum  ,  from 101 Projects for the Corvette by Richard Newton  and from a friend, Rod, who has done the job himself.(Rod’s comments in italics)

There are plenty of warnings on the Corvette Forum NOT to buy cheap Chinese bearings.

I bought the bearings from Corvette Recycling in 2009 for us$356

Each side has a steel, teflon coated washer which is important to prevent noises. I found them at Corvette Central, us$35 inc shipping.

Here are my notes to Steve the owner/mechanic at Advanced Automotive Cairns, who looks after my vette really well –

Hi Steve,

Have supplied two new washers (see diagram) these are very important and stop a click noise – they must go the right way round and should fit flush with the hub- note how the old ones are fitted. Please use plenty of anti seize grease on splines and washers.

Some people remove the halfshaft, some leave it in place and get at the torx bolts with a 6″ or 12″ extension- The torx bolts need to be clean and if stuck can be heated carefully.

Taking shaft out makes access easier but more work. Problem is torx bolts are often frozen in and you have a problem getting the right leverage around the shaft.  Spray with WD40 before. Make sure torx bolt heads clean first so no slip.

Note: Steve left the halfshaft in place, but says he needed several extensions to get access and he used a NEW torx bit.

Make sure you wire brush the splines on the yoke clean


1 Remove ABS sensor to prevent damage

2 Undo 2 bolts holding caliper to knuckle ( spindle / upright / whatever you want to call it )  and tie caliper assembly out of the way.

3 remove brake rotor

4 remove cotter pin (36mm) and washer from brake assembly
Hub nut is 36mm; should be tight , very f’ing tight.

5 Mark half shaft so it can be replaced same position

6 Remove UJ straps and drop half shaft
Don’t always work like that. Shaft will not necessarily drop out without removing other suspension parts ( bottom chamber arm ) so knuckle can be levered out to gain clearance room for uni cap to clear side yoke

7. Undo three 55mm torx bolts that hold bearing in

1 Tighten torx bolts to 66ftlbs

2 Fit new thin Teflon coated washers on splined area of half shaft
Must fit up flush to the inside. If there is a gap they are on backwards
Put a little grease on both sides. Washers should fit directly against the bearing

3 Install halfshaft, leave caps off

4 Place calliper bracket and bearing on rear spindle- lube splines with anti seize grease

5 Install spindle washer and nut

6 Tighten nut to 185-192 Ft/Lbs – get it tight on car and finish when wheels on ground

7 Replace nut retainer and fit

8 Replace brake rotor

9 Install calliper

10 Install abs sensor new cotter pin

Split View Diagram – Teflon Washer arrowed- (NOTE Main nut Torque setting incorrect here)