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This is not just a blog of routine servicing, but also repairs and improvements


Between 2012 and 2022 there wasn’t much to report apart from the annual service. I didn’t drive the car very much due to complications from failed back surgeries.

In  2018, for reliability, I replaced the original radiator with a new three core aluminium radiator. The original radiator was still OK but old and only 2 core.

In 2022 I began to hear a rumble from the diff and had it rebuilt by a local expert. Why it began to be noisy is a mystery because I’ve always looked after the car, never driven it harshly. The diff was full of oil of a reasonable colour. My best guess is that it was age combined with not being driven enough. I also had the aircon serviced, fitting a new dryer and evaporator, blocking up several air leaks in the system to make it more efficient and a new valve. I replaced a power window switch. I also replaced all 4 tyres.

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