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Seats –

The existing leather seats were the most comfortable car seats I have ever sat in but leather is just too hot for my part of the world.

To stop from sweating I had to sit on a towel even in winter, so I recovered the seats with black leather side bolsters and thick sheepskin centres, which are coloured a deep Burgundy.


I’m so comfortable sitting ‘in’ the sheepskin seats and they’ve added to the appearance of the interior, which looks great. I’ve covered the armrest with matching sheepskin.


The power sports seats have 9 controls. Everything is electric. The seats go forward and back, the front goes up/down, the rear goes up/down, the seatback reclines, the side back bolsters squeeze in and out for a firm fit and there is an airbladder with three sections in the lower back of the seat.

Some of the seat controls fit into the leather bolsters, I ordered new bezels for them and these pictures were taken before they had arrived.


The steering column is adjustable in height and travel so no wonder I think it’s the most comfortable car I’ve ever driven.


Also visible in the photo’s is my ‘breadbox’ replacement – a padded black vinyl panel with ‘Corvette’ embroidered in the area stamped in the famous Corvette ‘Bow-Tie’ shape.

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