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1988 Corvette. 5.7litre 350cubic inch fuel injected. Removable Targa Top

This Corvette has been well maintained and is fully sorted out for Aussie Conditions. It is ready to drive around Australia tomorrow.

The R4700 4 speed transmission was completely rebuilt by Neil Maxwell of Precise Automatics, Beenleigh, Qld, a recognised expert on these transmissions. The steering rack was totally reconditioned and improved by Pinks Automotive.

NEW: Starter, Alternator, Radiator & side tanks, Coolant Hoses, Master Cylinder, Aircon Compressor, Rear Wheel Bearings, Front brake rotors, S/S flexible brake hoses, Fuel pump, all 6 UJ’s, 4 Shock Absorbers, Water pump, Windscreen, Weatherstrip, Blower motor, Handbrake cable, Throttle Cable.

RECONDITIONED: Transmission, Steering Rack, Heads, Fuel Injectors, Throttle body with improved bearings instead of original bushes –I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few things!!

SPARES: I have a spare ECM (computer), Evaporator, Heater Core, LED globes, windscreen washer bottle, several 2nd hand parts etc

I am the second owner in Australia, the first owner was a Police Inspector who imported the vette from the USA and had it converted to Right Hand drive.

FULL HISTORY: I have logged all maintenance on my vette, since the day I bought it, on the website at

Also on the website is the story of my search to find this car, why I choose it, trips and holidays in it – I’ve documented just about every part of the Corvette experience.

REASON FOR SALE: I love driving my vette, I get a smile on my face every time I sit behind the wheel, BUT after 4 failed back surgeries getting in and out of this low slung machine is very hard.

The ECM (computer) has an extension to the chip, which I have fitted. It’s set to suit our Aussie climate and road conditions – the radiator cooling fan comes on at 96C and off at 92C, the overdrive is set not to engage until 70kph etc.

This Corvette has been sorted out, it’s reliable and ready to drive around Australia. Ready for someone else to enjoying the unique experience of owning and driving a Corvette.